Easter Bunny Rap

The Rapping Easter Bunny

Fun Flash Games:
Mah-Jongg Mini-Putt Tetris Minesweeper Copter
Simon Checkers Roulette Yahtzee Deal or No Deal?
Classic Arcade Games:
Frogger Pacman Space Invaders Breakout Asteroids
Missile Command Centipede Donkey Kong new addition! Moon Patrol new addition!
Amusements / Funny Movies:
I Like You! Badgerphone The Llama Song Candy Mountain Rapping Easter Bunny new addition!

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On June 21, 2009 at 11:24 AM, Graeme wrote:

It's now long past easter but I frequently play this as it makes me feel happy,a real pickmeup.Many thanks,Graeme.

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